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The Central Ohio Restored Citizens' Collaborative is a coalition dedicated to supporting those touched by the justice system. Our network of community resource providers, justice-involved citizens, and supportive stakeholders help to ease the transition from conviction to restoration. 

Through a myriad of resources, community events, and networking opportunities, we aide in meeting the many needs of those who need a second chance. Our goal is to help change the narrative surrounding criminal justice and help achieve permanent change one citizen at a time. 

Who Is "Restored"?

While we typically hear terms like ex-con, delinquent or convicted felon, CORCC chooses to use the term “restored” to recognize those re-entering the community who desire to change their narrative, are in the process of changing and/or have successfully changed their lives for the better. 


We work to honor the process of changing the narrative of formerly incarcerated people to restored citizens.  …People who have been given back power.  …People who have been reinstated with dignity.  …People who have been brought back to be valuable and active members of the community.    

Thank You to Our Supporters
Your contributions help Change the Narrative

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